Best Foods To Keep Dental Staining To A Minimum

You need a combination of healthy eating habits and regular brushing and flossing to maintain a glistening smile and excellent oral health. However, certain foods can help you achieve both these requirements simultaneously. Eating these foods helps supply your mouth and entire body with essential nutrients needed for good health while also helping remove dental stains. We usually recommend you eat these foods in between meals or right after a meal to help you clean out any dental stains before they become hardened. Although these “detergent foods” can never replace regular brushing and flossing no matter how many times you eat them, they surely can help make it easier to maintain a healthy, glistening smile.

The Best Detergent Foods For Cleaning Dental Stains

Crunchy, chewy foods, including sugar-free chewing gum, apples, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, can help wipe your mouth clean in more ways than one. As you chew on them, their fibrous textures can scrub your tooth's surface while simultaneously stimulating saliva secretion, which, in turn, further wipes tooth's surface and washes out food debris and plaque. Citrus fruits also stimulate the flow of saliva, although they increase the acid levels in the mouth. But the saliva they stimulate can, in turn, neutralize their acidity, while also washing away food sediments, so they have a net positive effect on the cleanliness of your mouth.

Other detergent foods include cheese, celery sticks, pears, etc. In addition to their mouth cleansing capacities, these foods also supply the mouth with essential nutrients and minerals needed for strong and healthy teeth, including vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorous.

What's more, these foods are crunchy, spicy, and yummy enough to replace highly-acidic, sugary snacks that can be detrimental to your oral health. Want more tips on easy ways to get rid of dental stains? We're always eager to provide you with recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Call us today.

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