Like brushing your teeth or using traditional string floss, water flossing involves certain steps. Water flossing is a great option for those who deal with sensitivity or have other issues with traditional flossing, but this is only effective if done properly. Follow the following steps in order to use your water flosser correctly.


Using a water flosser doesn't replace regular brushing – users should make sure to brush their teeth twice a day. Another preparation step for using a water flosser involves supplying water, which depends on the type of oral irrigator you're using. Users should connect their flossers to the water tap or fill the reservoirs with water. Lukewarm water is best for this process.


Water flossers may come with a default tip or several tips. Choose a suitable tip and click it into the handle to begin the flossing process.


Leaning over the sink is recommended so that you don't splash water everywhere during the process. Make sure that the tip is parallel to your teeth before starting, since this protects your gums.


Turn the flosser on and start with the lowest pressure. Your lips should be close enough to stop excessive splashing but wide enough to let water flow from your mouth into the sink. Aim the tip at the gumline and start going tooth-by-tooth, making sure to outline each tooth properly. The entire process should take you around two minutes.


Once you're finished, you can turn the device off and remove the tip. Make sure to empty the reservoir after you're finished flossing – stale water can lead to bacteria growth. Rinse the reservoir and the device before putting it away.

If you're still unsure about how to use a water flosser, you can always ask Dr. Tigran or Dr. Furca for a demonstration. They can also answer any questions you have regarding your oral health. To schedule an appointment, call A Smiling Heart Dentistry at (425) 558-9998.

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