Signs You Must Replace Your Old Toothbr

Your toothbrush is one of the things that greets you every morning and every evening. With this high level of daily usage, it is inevitable that there will eventually be a need for a replacement. Today, we will do a run-through of the common signs that will let you know that you need a new toothbrush!

Worn Bristles

If your toothbrush resembles your hair when you roll straight out of bed, then it is a very obvious sign that it is the end for your trusty toothbrush! Worn bristles not only look unpleasant, but they also reduce the cleaning power of the brush by reducing accuracy of the bristles. You will end up missing quite a bit of food and plaque when the bristles are spread out all over the place! If you are just using simple, non-electric toothbrushes, try to keep a little supply of them so that you have a brand-new one ready to go when you need it.

Failure To Store Properly

Storing your toothbrush in a sanitary manner is critical, after all - you are cleaning your mouth to get rid of bacteria, not put it back in your mouth! If you store your toothbrush openly and near the toilet, please toss it. A good way to keep a toothbrush free from bacteria is to rinse it, dry it, put on a toothbrush protector, and store it high up. Your toothbrush will remain functional far longer if kept clean!

Brushing While Sick

Whether you had gotten the cold or the flu, we strongly recommend replacing your toothbrush after you have been sick. This follows the same philosophy as the above point: you don't want to put harmful bacteria back into your mouth!

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