Ways Of Detecting Cavities Between Your Teeth

Dental cavities/caries occur when there is extensive damage to a tooth surface that eventually causes holes. The dental cavity between teeth is also known as the interproximal cavity. It may arise due to certain factors such as irregular brushing and flossing, excess sugary food intake, and bacteria buildup in the mouth. A cavity is among the most common tooth problem in the present world, but our team can help in detection and treatment. We can detect cavities by using clinical observations and clinical tool examination (radiography).

Radiographic Examination

We pride ourselves on the fact that we use some of the best equipment at our disposal. We often use bitewing dental x-rays to help reveal a full image that provides a detailed view of all the tooth's infected areas and the extent of damage, enabling the dentist to assess the tooth to find the most effective corrective treatment. The radiographic analysis aims to detect cavities that are difficult to notice by visual diagnosis. Thus, it provides details such as the depth and behavior of the dental carries within the tooth. The information we obtain is more accurate compared to the simple visual examination.

Visual Observations

This method is the simplest method of detecting interproximal cavities, where our dentists use dental tools and probes. Using a lens in your open mouth, we can observe each tooth in a bid to identify the one that has caries. This method is effective and less invasive, especially when the cavity between the teeth is visible. However, for hidden cavities, the X-ray method gives more accurate results. Dental cavities are very common among many patients. Therefore, it is crucial to get the necessary treatment that helps salvage your teeth, boost your smile, and improve your confidence. Call us or visit our offices for more information on how to detect and treat interproximal dental cavities.

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