What Happens During A Dental Exam?

We know that not everyone we see is used to seeing a dentist. That is why we are providing the following information. If you want to know what to expect during your dental exam with us, read the information below. It always makes it easier for us to communicate with patients when they know what will occur after they walk through our door.

What Happens Before A Dental Exam?

If you are a new dental patient, we will need for you to fill out some paperwork to get an idea about your dental history and current medical care. Don't leave anything out when completing a new patient form, as doing so can impact your treatment. For example, if you have diabetes or are allergic to penicillin, you need to include this information and tell us. Leaving out vital health information can be dangerous, as some medicines do not mix with other medications. Also, if you have had a medical surgery or have a heart condition, you also need to notate these things. Once you fill out the paperwork, we can proceed with your dental exam.

The Steps Of The Exam – What To Expect

After you are ushered into the exam room, the dentist may take a brief look at your gums and teeth if you are a new patient. You will then get your teeth professionally cleaned. If you have an immediate dental problem or are experiencing pain, we may deal with these problems first before cleaning your teeth. Therefore, the course of your dental treatment depends on your overall dental health. An initial exam involves a complete inspection of the tongue, teeth, and mouth. At this time, x-rays are normally ordered as well. X-rays can reveal hard-to-spot areas of decay or problem areas that cannot be seen during a visual exam. We check everything, from alignment to any signs of gum disease.

Don't allow dental anxiety keep you from seeking dental care, as early dental problems are simpler to fix and less expensive to treat. If you have not had an exam and cleaning in over a year, you should schedule one now. Make sure you get the dental care you need and arrest any problem that could become more severe. Call us to schedule a cleaning and exam.

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