Why Adults And Children Should Both Get Dental Sealants

The surfaces of the molars and premolars contain grooves and pits that trap bacteria and food debris. Even with effective tooth brushing, it is difficult to clean out these bacteria as the toothbrush bristles cannot penetrate. Therefore, to protect your teeth from decay, you need dental sealants. Dental sealants are plastic protective barriers applied to the back teeth to protect their surfaces from tooth decay. They are usually effective in children, but they are increasing in popularity in adults too.

Dental Sealants In Children

Good oral health in children impacts their health and concentration. Children without sealants are more likely to experience tooth decay and other health problems. If your child has deep grooves in their molars, you should consider dental sealants to protect their teeth. Also, given that some dental problems are hereditary, protecting your child's delicate teeth with sealants will save them from such problems. To protect your child's teeth using dental sealants, consider the procedure when their teeth are still in perfect condition.

Dental Sealants In Adults

While dental sealants are a common protective treatment in children, adults too can get this treatment. Dental sealants in adults prevent tooth decay for up to ten years. If you have experienced oral problems before, getting sealants will prevent the risk of reoccurrence and protect your teeth from further damage. Also, with age, some adults will neglect healthy oral habits resulting in plaque buildup. Therefore, to protect their teeth from decay, dental sealants come in handy. For the sealants to attach well, your dental groove should be deep enough. Once you get sealants, you will need to maintain regular dental checkups for us to check whether the sealants are still protecting your teeth effectively. You should also practice oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay for a healthy mouth. For more information concerning dental sealants, contact our office today.

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