Why Does Dentin Darken Over Time?

The enamel is a transparent protective covering that shields the more sensitive structures of the teeth comprising the dentin and roots. Stains on the enamels can be cleaned by regular oral care and DIY tooth-whitening methods. But it's far much more difficult to polish up your smile if the darkening is taking place deep within your tooth structure – inside the dentin.

Dentin can become darkened due to scars left behind by injury, decay, or root canal treatment done to salvage your dentition from infections. And as the enamel wears down naturally with the passages of time, the dentin is exposed to more stains and discoloration. It's more difficult to remove stains from the dentin compared to the enamel because the dentin is softer, and the stains therefore stick harder. But it is not impossible to reverse dentin discoloration. Read on to find out how best to tackle it.

The Underlining Mechanics Behind Dental Discoloration

During root canal treatment, the living pulp tissues and blood vessels around a decaying tooth are removed to stem the spread of the infection. This brings about the death of the dentin layer, blood clot stains, and stains from filling materials, which all darken most parts of the visible teeth. Dentin can also pick up hard-to-remove stains from foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, tobacco, etc. Certain medications are also notorious for leaving hard stains inside the dentin.

Stains on the dentin are intrinsic – they are etched deep inside the tooth structure. As such, they're nearly impervious to regular brushing and flossing, which only clean the outer layers of the teeth. Dentin discoloration requires deep-penetrating teeth whitening procedures to reach deep down inside the tooth structure. We offer several teeth whitening solutions for removing dentin stains with state-of-the-art tools and techniques. Reach out to us today and let us examine you and help recommend the best whitening solution to reverse your dentin discoloration.

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