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3 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Tigran Khachatryan
3 Worst Foods for your teeth from A Smiling Heart DentistryHow you eat directly affects your dental health. If you are brushing twice a day as recommended, then you are on the right track. But if you still consume sugary food and beverages you are not doing any favors for your teeth! In this piece, we will be discussing the 3 worst foods for your dental health.


This sweet, sticky sauce/candy is made up of mostly sugar and is used in a wide variety of things such as caramel apples, caramel chews, caramel apple pie. Pretty much any dessert you can think of will have a caramel version. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst treats for your teeth. It clings to teeth like almost no other and because it is pure sugar, it really is one of the fastest ways to get cavities if you go overboard!

Chewy Sour Candy

First, they're sugary and sour, then that sugar stays on your teeth. Chewy sour candy has almost all the things that will wreak havoc on your smile. Like caramel, it is sticky and hard on the teeth, but that's not all. Sour candy is like a one-two punch. First, there's the problem with the sticky sugar that clings to your teeth as you chew, but there's also the citric and tartaric acid that only aids in wearing away your enamel. It's best to either avoid these or only eat them very occasionally if you must have them.

Potato Chips

The potato chip, its addicting salty crunch is hard to beat. But you might be wondering why it is on this list. Chips are one of those foods that easily sneak between teeth and because potatoes themselves are starchy, this then turns into sugar. If you forget to brush and floss after eating these, bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay will just feed off of the food stuck between your teeth!

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