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Professional Cleanings
Bellevue, WA

One of the operatories at A Smiling Heart Dentistry in Bellevue, WA where you may have a dental cleaningAt A Smiling Heart Dentistry, dental cleanings involve more than just getting your teeth cleaned. We see them as an opportunity to take a thorough look around in your mouth and to make sure that anything that could be starting to go wrong in your mouth is addressed. This is why we perform cleanings and exams together. Having your teeth cleaned by our team at A Smiling Heart Dentistry every six months is one of the best ways of ensuring that your teeth remain healthy. We use these appointments to remove tartar, ensure gum health, educate our patients on home techniques and locate small problems before they become big ones. Let the professionals at A Smiling Heart Dentistry show you how beneficial a good dental cleaning can feel.

Why Should I Have Regular Dental Cleanings When I Take Care of My Teeth At Home?

This is an excellent question posed by many of our patients. Cleaning your teeth at home is an outstanding way of keeping your teeth as healthy as possible outside of visits to our office. However, they can only do so much. When you brush and floss, you remove a lot of the debris in your mouth. Inevitably, some could be left behind. When plaque is left behind, it dries and hardens on your teeth which is known as tartar or calculus. Tartar is difficult to remove without damaging your enamel. It should only be removed by a hygienist who has the training and tools to do so. The longer tartar remains on your teeth, the more damage it can do.

At your dental cleaning, we will use specialized tools to remove the tartar from your teeth and along the gum ridge while also removing harmful bacteria. Many adults suffer from some level of gum disease, ranging from gingivitis to chronic periodontitis. To do this we use a tool known as an ultrasonic scaler. It combines a directed stream of water and a vibrating tip to safely remove harmful material. Chronic gum disease can lead to larger problems including the loss of gum tissue, bone, and eventually the need for extraction. Rebuilding a tooth with a dental implant is a possibility, but saving your natural teeth is always best.

In addition to removing harmful bacteria, we use this time to measure and track the development of gum pockets. By comparing data from each appointment we can see changes as they occur telling us what you need. Following your cleaning, we may offer brushing and flossing tips for better control and care. We value this time for dental education for our patients. We feel that the more you understand the better your oral health will be.

Where Do We Clean When You Come In For A Cleaning?

When you come in for a dental cleaning, we make sure to clean your whole mouth. We will clean your teeth and chewing surfaces, plus we will also clean along and below the gumline. This is a great place for plaque to get left since your toothbrush is only able to get slightly under this tissue. If you are not careful, tartar can build up along the gums and lead to issues such as decay, as well as gum disease. By getting a professional cleaning, we can help to ensure your risk of these problems is as low as it can get.

Let Us Help You Create and Keep Good Dental Habits

Ideally, we want to see our patients every six months. However, in some instances, we may need to see you more often than that. If we spotted the early signs of an issue at your last cleaning, we may ask you to come back in 3-4 months instead. We want to make sure your mouth is always clean so your teeth can stay strong and healthy. If you ever want to find out more about what happens during your dental cleaning or have any questions about it, then reach out to us here at A Smiling Heart Dentistry. Our number is (425) 558-9998 and we are here to help in any way we can.
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