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Root Canal Therapy

See-through dental teaching model of a tooth and its rootsRoot canal therapy is performed when an infection has reach the pulp of the tooth. This procedure saves the tooth; without a root canal, your tooth may require extraction. Many of our patients fear that a root canal will be painful, but the opposite is true. Root canals bring relief! Saving your tooth is always the best decision.

What is the pulp and how did it become infected?

First, let's discuss the anatomy of your tooth. Your tooth has an outer layer of enamel. Beneath that is a hard layer called the dentin, and inside the dentin is the soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp inside your tooth contains nerves, blood vessels, and tissue. During development, the pulp helps the root of your tooth grow. Once the tooth is fully developed your tooth can survive without the pulp, as the tooth is now nourished by the tissues around it. As a result, when the decay has reached the pulp and caused infection, it is ok for our dentists, Drs. Tigran, Furca, and Smith, to remove the pulp. In fact, removing the pulp will give you relief from the painful infection. Once the pulp is infected it cannot heal on its own.

The pulp may become infected due to the following reasons:

•  Deep decay
•  Cracked or chipped tooth
•  Repeated dental procedures on the same tooth
•  Faulty crowns
•  Trauma to the tooth

What happens during the Root Canal procedure?

At A Smiling Heart Dentistry, we want to relieve your pain, get rid of the infection in your body, and restore your health. How we do this is first by removing the pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the inside of your tooth and then filling the canals with a rubber substance called gutta-percha. Afterwards we may recommend strengthening the tooth with a dental crown.

Symptoms of pulp infections may be:

•  Pain, especially when biting
•  Sensitivity to sweets
•  Sensitivity to hot/cold
•  Swelling
•  Bad taste in your mouth

Our restorative dental services at our Bellevue office can help. Call A Smiling Heart Dentistry today at (425) 558-9998 to learn more!
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