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Digital X-Rays

Dentist reviewing a digital xrayAt A Smiling Heart Dentistry, we use x-rays for many reasons. It helps us see hidden dental problems such as cavities, bone loss, and masses (both malignant and benign). The radiography images are a primary tool in our Bellevue office. It's to your benefit that our dentists, Drs. Tigran, Furca, and Smith, detect issues early before they become problems. This will save you money and pain by preventing the need for larger procedures or surgeries.

We use x-rays to detect:

•  Tooth decay
•  Teeth that have yet to ascend
•  Impacted teeth, including how your wisdom teeth appear
•  Mass growths, both malignant and benign
•  Cysts that have developed

Digital x-rays

We now offer a newer dental x-ray technique called digital imaging. This is a great advancement, as x-rays are now sent directly to a computer and can be viewed on-screen. We store the images in our computer so we can print them out, and can even email them to specialists. You will love the difference. There are several benefits including:
•  Digital radiology uses less radiation than traditional x-rays.
•  There is no wait time for the x-rays to develop
•  The images are available on-screen within seconds.
•  Images can be enhanced and enlarged on the computer screen.
•  Images can be sent electronically to specialists or other dentists, should you move.

At A Smiling Heart Dentistry our dental team wants the best for you. We want to save you time, money and most importantly, pain. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today at (425) 558-9998.
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