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Ceramic Implants

Just because you are allergic to metal doesn’t mean you can’t replace missing or damaged teeth with dental implants. Ceramic implants from Tigran Khachatryan, DDS, at A Smiling Heart Dentistry in Bellevue, Washington, offer an alternative to titanium implants for anyone with sensitivities. Learn more about ceramic implants by calling the practice or scheduling an appointment online today.

Ceramic Implants Q & A

What are ceramic implants?

Ceramic implants are a metal-free tooth restoration made from a tooth-colored material called zirconium oxide. They’re a great alternative for people who are sensitive or allergic to titanium, have reactions to metals, have an autoimmune disease, or for those who simply don’t want metal in their body.

Zirconia is strong and is often used in orthopedic surgeries, too, such as for hip ceramic implants.

What are the benefits of ceramic implants?

After ceramic implants are placed in your gums, your gums grow onto the metal-free implant better than they do around traditional titanium implants. This seals the gap to prevent bacteria from entering the blood circulation by the gums. The risk of forming bacteria or plaque is significantly reduced. 

Gum inflammation risks are even lower with ceramic implants than with your own teeth, and the blood circulates better around the gums of a ceramic implant compared to one made from titanium, which means the tissues surrounding the implant receive more nourishment.  

Ceramic implants do not release any particles into your gums or soft tissues, eliminating allergy risks and preventing intolerances from developing. They are non-conductive and resistant to corrosion, while titanium implants release ions.

Aesthetically, ceramic implants are naturally white like your teeth and eliminate the risk of the metal implant discoloring the gums over time.

How long do ceramic implants last?

Ceramic implants are a long-lasting, nearly permanent tooth restoration option. Studies show that 80 to 90 percent of ceramic implants are fully functional after 10 years. You can extend the life of your ceramic implants with proper oral hygiene and by seeking dental treatment immediately if you notice any inflammation or problems with your gums or surrounding teeth.

The team at A Smiling Heart Dentistry performs a thorough consultation and develops a customized treatment plan for your tooth replacement needs. When the ceramic implants are installed and properly cared for, your new smile can last a lifetime.

Find out if ceramic implants can replace your missing teeth by calling the practice or using the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

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