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Expressing my heartfelt gratitude to this team, especially Anna and Dr. Tigran. Had a weekend emergency and Anna kindly responded on her day off, assuring to help us first thing Monday morning to get us to see Dr. Tigran. Dr. Tigran, Anna and their team stayed after work hours to greet us, understand the urgent situation and assured that they will do everything possible to help. Dr Tigran calmly addressed the problem and quickly assured us that everything will be okay. His professionalism and expertise proved true. He was gentle with the procedure and extremely aware of making sure our child was calm and comfortable every step of the way. In the middle of it all Anna took time to alleviate my stress, offered a cup of warm tea and warm heavy blanket for our son. In a dental emergency or really in any dentistry need, I cannot think of any dental expert other than Dr Tigran. He will always be my first choice dentist.

Margarita S. | Nov 19, 2022

I don't know where to start... It really is a beautiful place with excellent professionals. I felt cared for and contained. I don't speak English very well and all the staff have been very attentive and patient, you feel well looked after from the moment you enter until you leave. I arrived with very bad teeth, I had to have a root canal, an extraction and a deep cleaning, and today I can say that I smile with all my teeth! I no longer feel embarrassed about my teeth. And the most important of all is thanks to them I no longer fear the dentist, I am happy and eager to take care of my smile! Thanks to all your work is much more than remarkable. My Doctor's name is Lorena ( She is amazing) but don't be scared because who are you going to treat, because they are all really very good!

Gabriela C. | May 02, 2022

From Patients In Bellevue, WA

"I used to fear going to dentists because of the pain; but here the atmosphere is soothing & so are the people. They use right amount of medication during procedures which helps lowering the pain. I have been a patient with Dr. Tigran for 2 years now, and will be for years ahead."


"I cannot thank you enough for all you've done for me. I came to you in a state of mind that I just wanted to die because the pain in my mouth was so great. I could not sleep eat, or even function. You both have done so much for me. Not only have you touched me heart and made my pain go away, you have made a new friend. I believe you to be angels sent to earth, you are wonderful. Thank you you both so much for helping me and my family fix my teeth. Your friend forever.

Donny O. (Vancouver, WA)

"My childhood experiences made me terrified of the dentist and every visit takes a lot of self will. This is the first office that made me completely comfortable. The wonderful service starts at the front desk and continues as the doctor gently treats you. The doctors actually make me feel like I am their #1 customer and that they care about my teeth. You guys are great! Thank you!"

Irina S. (Moses Lake, WA)

"I have come to expect pain in the dentist's office. But at Smiling Heart, everyone's goad is "to not inflict pain". What a wonderful difference! I am confident that I am receiving the best dental care of my life with the least amount of stress or discomfort. Switching dentists was the smartest move my family made!"

Lori W. (Bellevue, WA}

"Thank you for making me feel comfortable. I have low self esteem when it comes to my teeth and very uncomfortable; but this dental team is welcoming and caring. Thank you."

Nicole (Redmond, WA)

"Your dental team Rocks! I wish I could recommend some enhancements for you, but you treat your patients with such great care, have affordable pricing, and provide work, so all I can say is, keep up the good work!"

Anthony J.

"Thank you so much for your care. You guys work professionally, fast, and painless. You guys are awesome"

Liliya B. (Everett, WA)

Thank you so much for the personal attention that you show during every visit. Feels like I know everyone here, and I always feel welcome. Much appreciated.

Dan W. (Bellevue, WA)

My name is Yuriy. I am very happy that I found your clinic and the kind of professional doctors. Now I don't have a problem with my teeth. My only wish is that you always stay the same!"


You are a wonderful team of great professionals! You are so much dedicated towards your patients, also detail oriented and attentive. Your outstanding professionalism and knowledge of dentistry are just amazing. Best wishes! Keep it up! Can never thank you and praise you enough.

Asya Keyes (Bellevue, WA)

"I am very thankful that I have such a good doctor and all the great helpers. You have a great atmosphere in the office. We feel hear like at home. Very professional treatment. You were born to be a doctor! I recommend everyone to be treated in your clinic. We drive almost from Canada with our whole family. I wish the doctor and his family the best from our God. Blessings to your family!"

Timofeyev, Alex, Lyuba, Lidia, Nataliea, Esther, Susannah

"This is the first time that I've been through a teeth whitening procedure, and I must say that it was a terrific experience! The staff here is truly wonderful, they made me as comfortable as possible and I very much appreciate all the care and compassion that goes into every visit I've had here. Thanks."

Matt Case

"I have been to too many different dental offices here in the USA. I have changed many doctors because I had always had sensitive teeth. In this office I have the most incredible experience. The staff is amazing and the doctor is excellent. I am not afraid of the needle anymore, and I am always happy to come back here. The staff is amazing – they treat you like a family. I wouldn't change anything in the service that is provided for the clients. You are amazing and thanks so much for everything you do. God Bless you!"


"Dr Tigran has always taken excellent care of my teeth. He makes sure that work is well done, and everything is done painlessly. Everyone at Smiling Heart takes the extra effort to make sure I am comfortable and well taken care of!"

Rick Wilson

"Dr Tigran is one of the nicest dentist I ever been to. I feel very relaxed when I visit the office. I appreciate everything and keep up the good work."

Adam Quadai

"This is the first time that I come here. This meeting made me very glad. I will recommend 100% of the people who need a dentist to come to Dr Tigran. Many thanks to Dr Tigran and his family."


"We never have seen so carrying people before. Excellent service, friendly people, I could say best doctor and assistants. I think everybody loves this place!"


"Thank you from our whole family for the great service! You always greet us with a smile and friendly atmosphere. You do everything so that we get a wonderful help. Thank you to your whole team!"

Galina and Family (Seattle)

"Excellent, Professional, caring- when I got all these at one place, stop searching for another one. I would love to stay with Dr Tigran and his very friendly assistants:)"


"From my heart I am thankful to Tigran and Nairi for the wonderful service, for the beautiful atmosphere, that you create in the office. And thank you for the high professionalism from Dr Tigran. Thank you so much. With respect and love,"

Eleonora G.

"Dr Tigran and Nair and the whole office represent genuinely the name "Smiling Heart Dentistry" - When I brought my nephew here, he was afraid. Nair held his hand and comforted him through the long and important procedure – And I was invited to be with him. We were treated like family and the office is professional with state of the art equipment with reasonable prices. With your caring – you have affected Donny very deeply. Thank you so very much .You are amazing human beings."

Mary McDonald

"Thanks for professionalism. The warm hospitality, excellent environment, and friendly faces. P.S. Especially thank you very much for helping my father Ivan Levehenko. Happy holiday season."

Babaitsev Family

"I am very happy that Tigran is my dentist. I know I can trust him to do the best job on my teeth and to give me all the options. He has been there for me and my husband when we have had emergencies. Nair and Tigran really care and do not want their patients to endure unnecessary pain. When Nair hold your hand it really comforts and relaxes you.1 Thank you very much!"

Pat O'Dell

"Thank you for not letting me feel discomfort while I'm getting my dental work done. I thank you for my kids and wife that are not in pain while getting their work done as well!"

The Wombles

"I am very glad to have this office Tigran as my dentist. They are great and very professional and caring. They make a good effort to make me comfortable and as I don't like needles and appreciate that."

Jodie Heck

"Dear Tigran and Nair, I wanted to take the time and really thank you for what you have done for me. The fact that you and Nair stayed late and truly changed my life mean more than the world to me. My trip to San Diego was a success because of the confidence I went there with. ITS CLEAR THAT YOU GUYS PUT PEOPLE FIRST, and because of that you will always be successful. I honestly don't feel like I could ever thank you enough. But thank you so much."

Sukaina S.

"What I like are modern equipment, friendly staff, patient care, and affordability. I have already sent others in my family to Dr. Tigran."

Kien Truong

"Everyone was very friendly! They are very easy to talk to, very gentle on the procedures and they are flexible with your schedule. Thanks so much!"

"pleased I am with the services I did receive from "A Smiling Heart Dentistry", especially from Dr.Tigran Khachatryan, with whom I was dealing more often. From my viewpoint as a client, it was really nice dealing with professional people like him. I will certainly refer my relatives and friends to Dr. T. Khachatryan."

Mira Ilyaguyev

"I like this office because you are not only professional, but you are also friendly. Customer service is where it is at and I appreciate your honesty as well. Thank you."


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